We of the ALWAYS…PATSY CLINE team deeply mourn the death of Patsy Cline’s Widower, CHARLIE DICK. Charlie was a great friend and extraordinary advisor to us over the past 25+ years. His wisdom and guidance of ALWAYS…PATSY CLINE was one of the main reasons for the musical’s amazing worldwide success. We owe a great debt of gratitude to Charlie Dick and will greatly miss him in the future. It is important for everyone who has been touched by this play to know that Charlie was an extremely diligent “keeper of the flame” regarding Patsy’s legacy. He made sure in every case that her memory was honored in the manner that she deserved. Now, we hope we can follow his example and be diligent with keeping Charlie’s legacy alive through our daily work and care for the show in a manner which he deserves. The fact that he honored us with his approval of our efforts with ALWAYS…PATSY CLINE will forever be an inextricable part of the history of our lives and we will ALWAYS be grateful for the life force that Charlie Dick provided to us. Rest in peace, Charlie. We will miss you.


Ted Swindley
Melanie Clark
Joan Kovats